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Culture-Strategy Fit surveys focus on the inter-play of beliefs, values, behaviors and practices that create culture patterns that distinguish each organization’s unique ‘DNA’.

Our culture surveys and tools uniquely focus on the culture patterns important both for creating a strong, vibrant culture and that support delivery of your organization's mission and strategy.


A Suite of Survey Tools


The Culture Snapshot™ culture assessment is a broad scan of culture patterns (leader behaviors, organizational practices, group norms and beliefs) that reveals the strength of the foundation culture, plus areas of strategic focus such as Customer Experience, Innovation, Operational Excellence and Reliability or capabilities such as Collaboration, Competitiveness, Performance & Results or Learning & Agility. It provides a scorecard of results in the language of business that is ideal for action by leaders.

The Leading Culture Snapshot™ uniquely looks at leadership from a culture and organizational systems lens. It is ideal for leadership development, mergers and acquisitions, business transformations and executive coaching. It can be used independently or along with the Culture Snapshot.

How Culture Strategy Fit are unique

  • A broad scan (rather than a singular focus such as engagement) that reveals what is supporting or enabling success

  • A focus on culture patterns and how they interact to create a distinctive advantage or culture drag

  • Assessments that are based on globally well respected and validated national and organizational culture research, appropriate for organizations with international operations

  • A scorecard approach that objectively indicates what needs attention

  • Reports and materials in the language of business

culture surveys

Our web-site is full of culture assessment information, sample culture survey reports, culture survey demos and linked tools and learning activities. Take a look or contact us.

We are always pleased to explore how we can help you with your culture assessment or culture change needs.  

"The bottom line for leaders is that if they do not become conscious of the cultures in which they are embedded, those cultures will manage them. Cultural understanding is desirable for all of us, but it is essential if leaders are to lead.” Edgar Schein

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